strategy for creating value​

As a universal bank offering a wide range of financial products and services to a broad base of clients of all profiles, we see change and challenge as important opportunities to transform ourselves, while keeping in view our main objective: change leagues.

estratégia para criação de valor - RAI 2020 Itaú

strategic levers​

To change league, we have defined our priority strategic levers, in order to ensure the consistency and quality of our earnings in the coming years:

positive impact commitments

Know the challenges and status of each of the commitments

Continue to increase our financing and services in sectors with a positive impact.

Expand our offer and distribution of products and services for a more responsible and impactful economy.

Increase financial inclusion for micro and small entrepreneurs through products and services.

Reinforce the transparency of our business and financial results, demonstrating value to our stakeholders.

Ethics is non-negotiable. We recognize our role of responsibility.

Improve the experience of our employees and promote a diverse, inclusive and healthy work environment.

Improve the performance of our operations and promote sustainable practices in our supply chain.

Promote customer satisfaction with the bank and its financial life​.

We want to promote access and expand rights, improve the quality of life in cities and strengthen the transformative power of people.

Did you know?​

Itaú Mascara

R$ 1.2 billion

donated by Itaú Unibanco to the Todos Pela Saúde Program to combat COVID-19

  • Itaú Arroba
    R$ 110 million to inform
  • Smiles - Itaú
    R$ 226 million to prepare society to return to normality
  • Icone Coração - Itaú
    R$ 351 million to protect
  • Icone Escudo Itaú
    R$ 408 million to care

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